Questions to ask your potential counsellors

Here are some questions to ask a potential counsellor: –

  1. Do you abide by a code of conduct that outlines client rights?  Can I have a copy?
  2. Do you have professional indemnity and public liability insurance?
  3. Are you a financial member of an accredited professional body?
  4. Do you receive regular professional supervision and guidance?
  5. Are your qualifications from an accredited program?
  6. Have you completed your training as a counsellor?

If they answer no to any of the above or are evasive in their answers, consider terminating the meeting as quickly as possible.

Some other pertinent questions are: –

  1. What are your hourly rates, and what are the costs involved?
  2. What is the standard length of a counselling session?
  3. What happens if the session goes over time?
  4. What are my rights of recourse?
  5. Do you take notes?  If so, how are they recorded and stored?  Can I read them?  If not, why?
  6. Do you use client/counsellor contracts to outline my rights and responsibilities?

Written By Mercy Survivors

Support for survivors of Mercy Ministries