Update: Mercy Ministries counsellors

In an earlier post, we reported on how one of our researchers was checking the Mercy Ministries counsellors names with professional counselling associations.

Professional Associations contacted: –

Still only one out of six has a registration with a professional body.

Here is an excerpt from the PACFA website explaining why registration is important: –

1.  Establishing recognised standards of training

In a social environment in which credentials and qualifications are becoming increasingly important, the question as to what constitutes an acceptable basic “professional” level of training in psychotherapy and counselling is one that is frequently asked.  Those who claim to be “trained”, “qualified” or “accredited” undertake programs that vary from a few weekend workshops and/or a limited amount of reading through to those who have five or more years of tertiary study in related areas followed by several years of intensive and supervised training through a professional psychotherapy association.

2.  Developing professional accountability and public protection

The contemporary social ethos makes issues of accountability and public protection in clinical services particularly important.  People become more vulnerable to influence, abuse and exploitation when trusting a professional.  It is therefore essential that agreed values and appropriate procedures be established to ensure that professionals are accountable for their conduct and treatment outcomes, and that those using their services have clear guidelines as to training, competency and ethical practice.  This, in turn, means that the professional bodies must ensure that their members practice according to a code of ethics and that mechanisms for receiving and acting on complaints exist.

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