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We at Mercy Survivors are relieved to hear news of the pending closure of the Sunshine Coast Mercy Ministries facility.  The closure of the Sunshine Coast home brings us one step closer to our goal of protecting other young women from mistreatment and abuse at the hands of Mercy Ministries.  We will continue working to help those already traumatised and to stop any further abuse of current or future residents.

We hope that Nancy Alcorn and the executive board of Mercy Ministries will review the program and make any necessary changes on an international level at both current and future locations so that no other girls will suffer the trauma experienced by former residents.

We are thankful to those among the government who have supported our call for investigation into the operations of Mercy Ministries Australia.  Unfortunately, many of us turned to Mercy Ministries because we could not afford treatment at other reputable facilities.  It’s become clear that there is a great need for professional, quality mental health care regardless of each person’s socio-economic status, and that such treatment programs must be held accountable by the government so that others will not suffer mistreatment like the residents of Mercy Ministries.  It is our hope that the government will continue to play an integral role in preventing such abuse and in defending the rights of those who would otherwise find no help within the private medical sector.

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  1. Craig Young

    June 7, 2008 at 1:03

    Hi. I’ve been covering the Mercy Ministries website for Gaynz.Com. I thought you’d like to know that there’s a new blog updating our predominantly New Zealand readership at:

    It’s entitled “No Mercy (Ministries) on the Sunshine Coast”. It has a comments section, so please feel free to contribute your experiences at Mercy Ministries.
    As a matter of interest, have any former Mercy Ministries New Zealand clients been in contact? I know you can’t release personal details for the sake of medical and therapeutic confidentiality, but if they feel like they want to contact me, then please do so at my email address.

    Craig Young

  2. Jimmie Lee Jarvis

    June 24, 2008 at 3:12

    I’ve been following the Mercy Ministries story for a while now, and finally decided to get involved. My (fairly new) blog has a bit up regarding Mercy Ministries, and what I’ve found about them. I also have the results of my contacting them, To Write Love On Her Arms, and even high-profile TWLOHA supporter Jon Foreman (of the rock band Switchfoot). Feel free to comment, or check out the links to other sites focusing on the Mercy Ministries atrocity.

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