"Mercy Ministries update: The PR battle moves to YouTube"

This article by Caleb Hannan originally appeared in The Nashville Scene and can be viewed here.

The online fight between Mercy Ministries and its various detractors has always been spirited. Blogs like CynicSage, Against Biblical Counseling, and Mercy Ministries of America: Truth Will Out, represent part of a small, but vocal group of ex-Mercy graduates and interested parties willing to air their dirty laundry in public. But up until now, Mercy has been relatively silent. That changed last week, when Mercy shifted its counterattack into overdrive. Several YouTube users have been targeted on claims of copyright infringement. Mercy contends the clips are illegal; the aggrieved counter that the videos fall under the domain of “fair use.” In the meantime, nearly all of the anti-Mercy videos once available have been taken down, replaced by hasty mash-ups like the one above, attempting to explain the fiasco. Naturally, both sides, and their lawyers, claim to be in the right. Since we’re neither attorneys nor experts in copyright law, we’ll be quietly watching from the sidelines and letting you know when the squabble resolves itself.

Written By Mercy Survivors

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