We are not what and who they said we were

This piece was written by Mercy Survivor “OA”.  OA is a woman of amazing strength and a valuable member of our network.

I went on a journey to try and turn my life around – one I thought would bring me back to life

I was heading nowhere and towards death pretty fast and I thought this was my answer – my only hope

It wasn’t and so began my descent into a place that was just like hell

The brainwashing was so subtle you couldn’t even notice it – even when they stepped it up a notch

To the point you believed everything they told you

They advertised that they were all about unconditional love

But once you got there the reality ended up being very different

Everything was about making sure you were totally compliant and accepting – blindly accepting

Fear was an everyday part of life there – especially the fear of being kicked out

So long as you did and accepted everything they wanted you to then unconditional love was clearly shown

If you dared question that totally changed – unconditional love was not something they were consistant at

They were so big on brainwashing two things into us – the biggest one being that this place and they were our only answer – our only hope

The other big thing was that the truth would always come out – and it certainly has about them

So many of us were made to believe things about ourselves that were totally not true

Things that were soul destroying – that took many years to overcome

Sadly though some didn’t and it took its toll and there are ones still struggling even now

The truth about them did come out though and they couldn’t handle it

In fact they still continue to deny it and silence us using dirty tricks in the process

BUT as they were so fond of telling us “the truth will ALWAYS come out”

For each one that is censored or silenced many more will step up to take their place

We can see the truth now and we will overcome it – we will help each other

They tried to keep us seperated and isolated from the whole world while we were in there

And when we graduated they tried to stop us having contact with each other especially those who did not graduate

But they didn’t reckon on the power of the media and the internet

Now we are finding each other – the one thing they didn’t want

We are talking – something they tried so hard to prevent

And we are supporting each other – something they said we were too messed up to do

We are proving them wrong and undoing their damage because we are NOT the rubbish they said we were

The truth is coming out!

This poem I wrote a while ago to get out some frustration etc I had towards Mercy.  Since writing it I have noticed that so many of the girls in Mercy were labelled as things that were unfair and untrue of them as a person.  We do not have to accept what Mercy says we were as we are better than that.  We are girls that are of worth and value no matter what!!!!  Mercy were very quick to condemn the world for labelling us in terms of things like bipolar etc but they themselves were guilty of doing the very same thing in a much worse way, in a personal way.  We don’t need to accept their labels as we know who we are!!!

Written By OA

One Comment on “We are not what and who they said we were

  1. Russ Judson

    October 27, 2012 at 4:06

    Mercy Ministries is causing harm to young women and their families, because they are not who they say they are. They are not the only hope of these women, their true hope is God…and Mercy Ministries is FAR from God in so many ways. Mercy actually turns many women away from God when they eventually realize they’ve been brainwashed.

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