Former residents of Mercy Ministries: Your last chance to be heard!

Earlier this year, we compiled a questionnaire to assess correlations between Mercy Ministries and Hassan’s BITE model of destructive mind control.  It was then pitched at all former residents of Mercy Ministries, of any persuasion, via our website, email and social media in order to ensure a diverse sample of respondents resulting in a result as accurate as possible.

In the questionnaire, former residents are asked to guage how much or how little each criterion resonated with their observations and personal experience of the Mercy environment.

We intend to present our results in the new year, and as such, wish to again invite all former residents of Mercy Ministries to have their say!

If you are a former resident of Mercy Ministries, please consider completing this questionnaire, and forward to your Mercy friends via email or social media so they can have their voice heard as well.


Written By Mercy Survivors

Support for survivors of Mercy Ministries