This piece by Mercy Survivor Britt shares about that awkward moment when you run into a Mercy Ministries staff member who avoids you on social media.  This piece was originally published on her personal blog and can be viewed at Hits & Near Misses.

So I’m currently loving the feature on the facebook messaging system where it shows when the receiver actually reads your sent message and what time this happens. This is especially useful when they don’t end up responding to said first message.

“Why?” you ask.  “Isn’t that a little stalkerish?”

…well yes, yes it is. But it comes in handy when you’re trying to find out whether people are still around on the site and want to talk to you or not.

Let me explain where I’m going with this before I go off on one of my mighty tangents.

A few weeks ago now I was sifting through a whole bunch of Mercy photos and found a few of a certain staff member that I liked and looked up to. She was seen as a positive role model and seemed to have a strong testimony.

I then went onto my Facebook account, saw that she (surprisingly, unlike a lot of staff members) hadn’t deleted me.

Throughout that night, whilst still shuffling through traumatic letters, files and photos, I was mulling over in my head if I should bring myself to finally contact this woman again.

Would she remember me? Would she want to talk to me? Had she heard things? Or would she be just like the rest of them and think of me as another ‘Hopeless case’?

Fuck it.

Two of my famous words that get me into so much trouble.

I jumped back onto my computer and typed up a quick “Hey, long time no talk!” message…

Lame, I know. And not like me at all. It makes me sick even thinking about it. But maybe it was all I thought she would be able to swallow, being the ‘smiley/happy/healed/churchy one’ you know?

After hitting ‘send’, sleeping 4 hours and going to work the next day, I checked my Facebook mid-shift and what do you know…that little tick of “read but I haven’t felt the need to reply” popped up.

That tick stayed there for the next 3 weeks.

So maybe she didn’t want to talk to me? or Maybe she was slightly embarrassed the program had failed…on others, on my friends, on me?

Anyways, You have no idea how much joy it brought me when I finally ran head on into her walking down the main street of our busy city this weekend. Her face was priceless.

Walking away after a brief, rather awkward conversation I let her know…

“Keep in touch via Facebook, yeah?!”

Written By Brittany