What Mercy Ministries wants their graduates to say

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

There’s a piece that a friend did on the Mercy Survivors site that I think is extremely important and I think you should go read it if you’re interested. It’s two pieces of information, one being a document, one being a video that Mercy Ministries coerces graduates into saying things that will get them the most profit.

One part of the document says.

Make sure that you are using the same “language” that we use here at Mercy when we talk about the young women that come through the doors at Mercy. Make sure that you are using at least 3-5 of these words IN your testimony!

Here are some example words that you can use…

BEFORE MERCY WORDS: damaged, alone, sick, unstable, depressed, confused, sad, no purpose, no worth and value, hated myself and others…

AT MERCY/AFTER MERCY WORDS: healing is possible, transformation, love, hope, freedom from…, life-changing, unconditional love, mercy, restoration, powerful, healed, death/life, darkness/light, purpose, faith, etc.

These are the buzzwords that I speak so much about. Buzzwords are the cults language. The words that you say and it makes you think “Mercy Ministries”. It’s not surprising that yes, even Mercy Ministries knows about these buzz words.

Read about the rest of the stuff here. It’s interesting.

Written By Chelsea