Mercy Ministries and appearances

This piece by Mercy Survivor Lily was originally published on her personal blog, La Petite Maman, and can be viewed here.

The first two photos were the original photos I sent in when Mercy Ministries asked if I’d help them get donations.

Lily ps 1

Lily PS 2

The last/third photo was obviously photoshopped: they smoothed my chest and got rid of my cleavage, widened the straps on my tank top, and shockingly, they did a hack job on my son’s face.

Lily PS 3

And why?  Why did they have to photoshop my family to that extent?

For appearances.  This is what Mercy Ministries does to keep up appearances.

Yes, I consented to them using this photoshopped picture, as well as my embellished testimony.

And why?  Because I wanted to prove to them that I really was better and that I deserved respect.

But now I realise I will never get that respect from Mercy Ministries, nor do they really care if I’m better or not.

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