Request for Mercy Ministries client records

This piece by Mercy Survivor Lily was originally published on her personal blog, La Petite Maman, and can be viewed here.

Lily discharge summary

So, this is what Mercy Ministries sends when you ask for your records:  One measly page (and a cover sheet saying what it is) for a six month stay.

Of course, it will only be sent to your “counsellor” or doctor, not for your personal records.  Thankfully, I got a copy from my “doctor”.

When I asked for more, like weight/med records, intake/discharge notes, shift change notes etc, I was told that it was their “good practice” and “going along with industry standards” that prevented them from doing so.

As you can tell by the minimal paperwork they provided, it is a general form that Mercy Ministries provides the “counsellor” with which they input random “problems” that they come up with based on what you said on the application.

For some reason, they said I was “struggling” with “lesbianism” and that we addressed that issue in counselling.  I can tell you we absolutely did not, since I am not a lesbian, I am bisexual, and I do not and never have considered it a “problem” I need to fix.  They only knew about that because they asked me about my sexuality on the application!

And what the heck is “general/medical suitability”?!  Let’s not forget the typos, too!  Pretty weird, huh?

I’m currently working with California state licensing to figure out what Mercy Ministries is legally supposed to send me.  If you, or anyone else, can help me figure out how to get my records (or at least get some answers, make Mercy Ministries take responsibility, etc), PLEASE message me!

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  1. Sarah Ponto Rivera

    September 29, 2015 at 1:13

    Thank you for sharing this document. I’m compelled to know why “occult” is documented as a symptom. Could you explain what you think they were talking about?
    If they aren’t legitimate doctors how could they “diagnose” boarder line?

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