5 years and counting

This piece by Mercy Survivor Christan shares once again her correspondence to Nancy Alcorn following up her request for a copy of her complete Mercy Ministries client records, and recalling the false allegations of sexual abuse planted in her mind by Mercy Ministries staff .  This piece was originally published on her personal blog and can be viewed at Pretty Pink Koolaid.

Letter to Nancy and Mercy Ministries Staff today…hoping to obtain my records without involving a lawyer, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have a choice.


Yesterday at 8:33am CST marked the 4th time I’ve faxed in a request for my full and complete set of records from the time I attended Mercy in Monroe, LA (Dates: 2002 – 2003). I have also left 3 messages at the Nashville office and 2 at the Monroe, LA office. The first time I faxed in my request was in 2008…five years later, I still haven’t received my records.

I know that Mercy has a history of not releasing records to their former patients until an official notice is sent from a lawyer. Then, the pattern has been for Mercy to send only partial information, not a full and complete record.

I am requesting everything from my stay at Mercy. All notes that were made in my chart (I know your policy with staff back in 2002 was that every time a staff member spoke with a girl in private, notes were made), notation of what books I was given for assignments, counseling records…all of it.

I am also requesting that I receive a response from Mercy within 3 working days, as this should be adequate.

I will be following up this fax request with yet another voicemail, and emails to you and multiple staff members. I do this because I’m not sure who I need to contact to obtain my records.

Back in 2004, you told me not to allow my records to be released to my parents, of whom I cut off contact because of false abuse allegations that stemmed from my counseling at Mercy in Monroe, LA. That was the same year that you told me my father was just a “sperm donor” in front of other staff members (including Cindy Vasquez, your assistant) and that you “knew he had abused me” as you could tell, via the Holy Spirit, from speaking with him and my mother over the phone.

I listened to you at that time and didn’t allow my records to be released as I sincerely believed you were led by the Holy Spirit. Now, 5 years later, after:

Realizing the memory was false, although my counselor, Beth (like you)…confirmed it was true through direction of the Holy Spirit:

  • Speaking with multiple girls from the LA, TN and CA Mercy homes who have falsely accused their parent(s) of abuse after graduating (some of who now can’t even reconcile that relationship)
  • Meeting with heartbroken parents whose children have cut them off since graduation from Mercy due to false abuse claims
  • Meeting girls through the www.mercysurvivors.com website
  • Having professional counseling

I would really now like to gain access to my records. The only reason I can think that you haven’t released them, is that there is something Mercy Ministries has to hide.

If I do not hear from Mercy within 3 working days, you will be receiving a notice from my lawyer. If there is an “official request form”that I need to fill out to obtain these records, please make me aware.

Again, I do not want just confirmation of the dates I was in the program; I am requesting my full and complete record of interactions with staff, detailed counseling sessions, etc.

Nancy, please live up to your talk of integrity and get back with me this time around.

Thank you.

Written By Pretty Pink Koolaid

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