Mercy therapists are credentialed “by God”

This piece by Mercy Survivor Christan touches on Mercy Ministries misrepresentation of services and dangerously unqualified staff who are instead “qualified by God”.  This piece was originally published on her personal blog and can be viewed at Pretty Pink Koolaid.

I had a session with my Therapist yesterday.  I’ve been to multiple therapists over the years trying to make sense of what happened at Mercy…and the years following.  The Therapist I’ve been with for the last few years has her Masters in Psychology/Counseling and is LCPC, CSAT and CMAT certified.

This Therapist is different from the counselor I had when I attended Mercy Ministries…actually,






all of them. counselor I had at Mercy was Beth.  Beth had been a school teacher for many years, and at some point had been “chosen by God” to counsel young girls with life threatening issues such as severe anorexia, drug abuse, sexual abuse victims, depression, mental illness, etc by Mercy Ministries.  Beth was not credentialed in Counseling, Beth did not have her Bachelors or Masters in Psychology/Counseling…but she was approved by Mercy because “God told them it was okay.”

It was the same story for the other counselors in the program.  Margaret, who was the head of the house, didn’t even have her college degree.  She had gotten pregnant as a teenager, ended up a Pentecostal Christian, and was also “called by God” (and Nancy Alcorn, which is pretty much the same thing) to head up the Mercy Monroe home.  She counseled girls in the program with life-threatening issues, as well.  There were two other counselors, both new graduates from Oral Robert’s University, who also had no Master’s degree or Counseling Certifications.

Now, if I had known going into Mercy that I was to be receiving therapy from unqualified individuals, that would be one thing, but per their brochure and website, I was informed I was going to be counseled by “experts.” The Mercy Ministries staff may deny this, but I have the brochure sent from their facility that states the facts.  (To be uploaded ASAP).

Perhaps that is why I can’t obtain my records…so many things in them (unless removed, which they probably will be) can prove that Mercy Ministries has been lying about their treatment program to the mass public.

We shall see…

Written By Pretty Pink Koolaid