Update on records request

This piece by Mercy Survivor Christan follows up on her requests for her Mercy Ministries client records (published here and here).  This piece was originally posted on her personal blog and can be viewed at Pretty Pink Koolaid.


Good News…Mercy Ministries responded to my request for records.  All it took was 5 years of requesting my records, 4 faxes, 5 phone calls, emailing every key Mercy Ministries Staff Member and threatening to get a lawyer.

Below is the correspondence:

Dear Christan,

Your fax was forwarded to me as I am the contact for all records requests. Per our policy, we will need you to fill out the attached records release form. Please fill out this form and either scan/email it back to me or fax it to the number below so we can follow up with your request.


Meaghan Briggs
Intake Coordinator I
Mercy Ministries of America

Hi Meaghan,

I have filled out the form and it is attached. Please note that I am not requesting simply a discharge summary, but my entire chart, including notes from staff, materials given to read, counseling sessions, medicine charting, conversations with staff, etc. If Mercy Ministries refuses to provide this to me, I will need an official denial letter on Mercy Ministries letterhead.

Please let me know the time frame in which to expect my records.

Thank you,

Christan McCoy

Written By Pretty Pink Koolaid

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