What I want

This piece by former Mercy Ministries staff member Sian was originally published on her personal blog, Wide Awake…, and can be viewed here.

I have not done this to slander or lie.  It is not out of bitterness but out of a desire for something good to come out of all this.

I want Mercy Ministries to be accountable,  to someone that can challenge and act if necessary.

I want Mercy Ministries to self-evaluate and admit their flaws…and learn from them.  Turn away from the blame culture and admit that their current programme might actually not be working as well as they imagine.

I want Mercy Ministries to value people for who they are, not what they can do.

I want Mercy Ministries to value relationship… building someone up to throw them away when they fall or struggle is so damaging.

I want Mercy Ministries to appoint qualified individuals.  I believe that the idea that God qualifies the called only works if they are actually qualified.

I want a program where healing comes from professional treatment alongside family and faith…not one without the other.

I want Mercy Ministries to embrace different views and learn from them, not see them as a threat.

I want a professional attitude.

I want Mercy Ministries to follow the law.  To strive to do more than the minimum.  To strive to make sure they meet all legal requirements.

Written By Sian

2 Comments on “What I want

  1. Katey

    September 28, 2015 at 1:03

    she said that personally? wow!! she doesn’t know how to spell!! spelled program in two different ways!! Somehow I think that was out of proportion….or is it proporshun?

    • Mercy Survivors

      September 29, 2015 at 3:44

      Hi Katey.

      “Program” and “programme” are both acceptable and correct spelling, despite her use of both terms. She is from the UK where this spelling and context would stipulate “programme” as the correct spelling, however as someone who also uses UK English (I am from Australia) we sometimes interchange or forget, particularly when interacting with a largely American audience. I hope this clarifies 🙂

      The spelling of program/programme aside, what did you think of her post?


      MS Team (Sarah)

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