Recap: I never wanted to be an activist

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

I read a Mercy blog by Pretty Pink KoolAid called “I never wanted to be an activist”. And I thought I would write a poem on that. Because I feel the same way.  You can view her original blog here.

I never wanted to be an activist
I never thought I’d have to fight so hard
To get the truth out
To see that people just be decent

I never wanted to spend long hours on the computer
Typing blogs about things that people should just KNOW
I never thought I’d have to stand up for others
Because they were so scared to stand up for themselves

I didn’t bring this on myself
I never picked fights in the school yard
I don’t like drama
I don’t fight over things that don’t make sense

I never thought once I said it I’d be called a liar
I never thought I’d be called bitter
Or bullied off the internet

I never asked to be put here
I didn’t sign up for this
I don’t remember checking a box next to my name
… Activist

Written By Chelsea