What’s in the name “Mercy girl”?

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

Mercy girl. We’ve heard it all before. I was one, if you’re reading this you probably know one or were one or want to be one. The prized ticket of a name that gets you into boxed seating at Cardinals games and private one-to-ones with the governor of Tennessee First Lady, Crissy Haslam. It gets you private concerts with Barlow Girl (or it did, before they broke up), meet and greets with sports players you’ve never heard of prior to Mercy, but are told they’re important, and pictures, all the pictures you could want with Nancy Alcorn. Who seems like a queen, but nobody actually knows of her.

It can also get you some pretty crappy stuff. Scrubbing grout with toothbrushes, making your bed so neat a coin could bounce off of it, missing mall because you have counseling that day. Training opportunities, as if scrubbing a van is an opportunity of some sort. I know, I know. Discipline. You take in millions in donations a year, a car wash wouldn’t make you go broke in chilly October.

But I mean what does the term “Mercy Girl” even mean?

I actually loathe that term. You’re not a “Mercy Girl”. They are not part of your identity. They are a program that you attended. I went to a program called Sheppard Prat. I might look insane if I started calling myself a Sheppard Prat Girl. “Yep I’m a Sheppard Prat Girl”. And then toting that around as a status symbol.  And while were at it. You are a woman. Don’t disempower yourself like that. Mercy likes to use the word “girl” to disempower you. You are a woman. (assuming you are over 18). You are a woman and you are strong and you do not need Mercy Ministries to tell you that.

Written By Chelsea