Mercy Ministries and demonic oppression

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

I was going through Mercy Ministries old counseling model. This counseling model was renamed as Choices That Bring Change.  In other aspects is has been said to be replaced by “Choices That Bring Change”.

It is not entirely known why the model was switched over. Some say it was due to the media frenzy and attention on Mercy Ministrie’s homes in Australia and the outcry of Mercy Ministries using exorcisms in their counseling model to treat mental health illnesses.

Choices That Bring Change does have a spot for demonic oppression. Asking the person to fill out a form on demonic oppression. This form is below


If you can’t read it, it says

Abandonment, abuse, addiction/dependencies, anger/hate, anorexia, anxiety, apathy/indifference, bitterness/unforgiveness/resentment, bulimia, bound emotions, competition, compulsions, confusion, control/manipulation, death/suicide, debt/poverty/lack, deception/lying, depression, despair, distraction, doubt/skepticism, eating disorder, emotional immaturity, escape, false responsibility, fear of being abused, fear of demons, fear of failure, fear of man, fears, financial bondage, gluttony, gossip/judging, grief/loss, guilt/condemnation, heaviness, hoplessness, identity confusion, idolatry/worship of anything but God, inadequacy, inferiority, insecurity, intimidation, isolation, legalism, jealousy, lonliness, lust, mental illness, mental torment, mind racing, mistrust, mocking, sarcasm, murder, neglect, occult/witchcraft/secret organizations, paranoia, passivity, people pleasing, perfectionism, performance, pride/arrogance, rage, rebellion/independence, religious spirits and legalism, revenge, sadism/masochism, seduction, self-deception, self-hate, self-mutilation, self-pity, self punishment, self sufficiency, sexual sins, shame, sickness/disease, strife, trauma, unbelief, unworthiness, victim, violence, worry.

What is Freedom from Oppression?

Demonic Oppression is the term used to represent the “pressure” exerted by demons to get Christians to sin, to keep Christians involved in sin, to blind Christians to God’s truth and/or to keep Christians bound in limitations. Usually demons have an open door to gain access to Christians. (through the above “mistakes”)

Or so says some people in the pentecostal movement.

Mercy Ministries currently holds the copyright to “Choices That Bring Change”.

Their old model did much the same.

First giving us a list of symptoms similar to that of above.

And then going on to explain how to go about casting out the demons, and how somebody will look once the demons have left.

(this sounds like logic to me, “This is traumatizing me, I should ask them to stop”. “No that’s just the demons speaking”.)

To this day Mercy Ministries claims that they do not perform exorcisms.

In the FAQ section of Mercy Ministries Website “Mercy Ministries does not perform or endorse exorcisms as part of its treatment curriculum.”

You can listen to a piece by Nancy Alcorn performs a deliverance session on a girl with Dissociative Identity Disorder Here

Written By Chelsea