I believe you…but

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

I’ve been seeing this around a lot.

“I believe you had a bad experience at Mercy Ministries, BUT I had a good one, so therefore they are still a good program”

I don’t really understand this mindset very much.

That’s like saying,

“I believe your husband abuses you, but he’s nice to me, so he’s still a good guy”

I don’t honestly believe that you do believe our experiences, and that’s fine, you don’t have to, because if you did, you wouldn’t blindly be so connected to them.

It’s kind of like the new girlfriend you warn. “Don’t get near him, he’s abusive”. And she’s not really denying your experience, she’s just so enthralled with her own experience that she chooses to be blind.

It’s sad though, because with a boyfriend, you’re only affecting yourself, unless you have kids, and then that’s even sadder. With Mercy Ministries, you’re affecting all the girls you refer there. All the girls that hear your story of how great they are. The sponsors that are giving their hard earned money to an agency to perform exorcisms on girls with severe mental illnesses. Nancy Alcorn:

Secular psychiatrists want to medicate things like that. But Jesus didn’t say to medicate demons, he said to cast them out.”

Sometimes you’re so blind that you don’t want to look on the other side. You forget that I’ve been on your side. I’ve walked there. I’ve loved Mercy. They’ve been my whole life, too. But you’ve never walked on my side, or even taken a peek.

I guess what I don’t understand about this mindset at all is that I never questioned your time there. I am sure you had a fine time there, but you question mine constantly. You question The Mercy Ministries scandal and the Mercy Ministries controversy in general. And there’s this huge rift between “pro mercy” and “anti mercy”. And there shouldn’t be. I am not the enemy. I am not evil. I am a good person, with good morals and I do good things, but you still hate me. And why? Because I chose to talk about something that affected me so deeply? Do you really think I’m doing this just to “get back at Mercy Ministries”. No that’s not my goal. My goal is to make sure that what happened. The despair that I went through. The near ending of my life, doesn’t happen to anyone else. I fight for other girls. Not for myself.

Written By Chelsea