Am I angry at Mercy Ministries?

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

I realized in my inbox today that I had an anonymous note from someone. I usually get anonymous notes. Things like “why would you say this stuff about Mercy” and “You have no idea what you’re talking about”. It’s typical, I’ve been bullied for speaking out against Mercy. Anyone who speaks for change, gets bullied. Anyone who exerts confidence in something is usually the first target. I think today’s was something to the effect of “You’re just angry at Mercy and that’s all this blog is about”.

I typically ignore the hater mail. But this one actually made me think a little bit.

  1. I’ve been running this blog since 2010, along the way I probably have written a blog that’s angry or two of them or three of them, I don’t know. I was working through a lot of stuff. Getting over Mercy Ministries was not like getting over a boyfriend that dumped you. Clearly this person doesn’t understand this, because they would realize that I deserved to be angry in those times. Anger isn’t a bad emotion. Sometimes it’s legitimate.
  2. I am not angry at Mercy Ministries anymore. I actually feel quite sorry for a number of the staff members and wish well especially for the girls that come out of there, whether they are happy with Mercy or not. I have spoken openly with previous staff members and had no ill feelings towards them, but only wishes for them to get over their pain also. I speak to girls who still love Mercy, as long as they respect me and don’t cross any types of boundaries. I wish them well. I have conversations with them. I try not to alienate them. I am saddened that Nancy Alcorn doesn’t see our side of the story. It breaks my heart all the pain that I’ve heard from other girls and the things that they’ve done, but I am not angry.
  3. I am wanting change. Mental illnesses are serious conditions. They are not demonic activity. And it would be fine if you wanted yours handled that way, but Mercy isn’t open about handling it that way. They don’t give you a choice. But they seem to think your mental illness is a choice.

Written By Chelsea