Forgiveness after Mercy Ministries

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog, The Pink Propaganda, and can be viewed here.

Someone asked me an important question the other day.

“If you as a Advocate of girls who had horrible experiences had a chance to talk to a staff member at Mercy Ministries would you?”

That would depend.

Am I talking to staff members that I particularly came in contact with? Or just a staff member in general?

As far as staff members I came in contact with, would I have to explain myself? Because I don’t really feel like I have to. I don’t feel like I want explanations from them either, like “Oh we did this to you because…” I already know why you did it, I’ve researched your ministry. I found out for myself. I don’t want any personal reasons either. I know some staff members, (not any that I was involved with) have come forward and claimed that they were just following orders. Honestly I don’t care. I forgive Mercy Ministries staff. EVEN THOUGH, EVEN THOUGH, they don’t believe that they should have to apologize. It’s okay. It’s okay to accept apologies you will NEVER get.

But I understand. I do. I understand why staff do what they do and I get it. It doesn’t make it right by any means, but I get it. I get that we are all human and all flawed and I understand mind control. I get it. I could just as easily been one of them too. I’m human too and therefore inherently flawed.

So you may ask, then why on earth if you forgive them do you make such a big fuss about them?

There are many other bloggers, most who started off the movement towards making Mercy Ministries accountable that had never been to the program, never knew anyone in the program and never had any reason to “hate” Mercy Ministries, who have stood up for us.

It’s sort of a double standard though, because for them past residents of Mercy will say “You were never there, how would you know!” But then you have someone like myself coming forward, who has done the research and has been there and you make up the excuse that I am bitter. So the people who can’t be bitter, don’t know and the people who know are bitter. So then who can know? Who is allowed to speak out about Mercy Ministries? Should we all just shut up and go home.

Wouldn’t you like that.

Written By Chelsea