Old Mercy pics

This piece by former Mercy Ministries staff member was originally published on her personal blog, Wide Awake…, and can be viewed here.

Just looking at old Mercy pics.  Makes me sad that I was taken in so much.  Also talking through the Mercy Ministries counselling model with my husband.  Didn’t realise just how ridiculous it sounds until you say it out loud.  I’m not saying Mercy Ministries doesn’t work for some people but the ends do not justify the means.  It’s the blame culture that gets me,  that if a resident struggles it’s because she’s not using her tools or not engaging with the program.  This is not right…mental health problems are complex, you wouldn’t try and pray away something like diabetes so why depression or eating disorders?  There would be outrage if a program started kicking people out because their cancer didn’t go into remission fast enough, so why do we accept that Mercy Ministries do it with mental illness?  Last I checked, the brain was part of the body so perhaps mental illnesses are really physical illnesses anyway.

Written By Mercy Survivors

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