Some thoughts on Mercy Ministries’ use of qualified staff…

This piece by former Mercy Ministries staff member Sian was originally published on her personal blog, Wide Awake…, and can be viewed here.

Well I’m thinking as I’m typing so this might not make much sense.

I’ve been thinking about Mercy Ministries’ claims that they use qualified counsellors etc.  Big statement, but if they are not using the skills they were taught when studying for that qualification then their claim that they are qualified is worthless.  A counsellor may well be secularly qualified, but if they stick to Mercy Ministries’ “counselling” programme, then they are just as much use as someone unqualified and just as dangerous.

In the UK, counsellors are regulated and have to be qualified, so what did Mercy Ministries do?  Change the name to lose the requirement!  What on earth is a facilitator!?  The role hasn’t changed, only the name.

Written By Sian