Behind the signatures: Mercy Ministries petition

This piece by Mercy Survivor Christan was originally published on her personal blog, Pretty Pink Koolaid, and can be viewed here.

Why are individuals signing a petition to have Mercy Ministries of America investigated by the Attorney General?  Let’s look at some individuals who are supporting this measure:


I have spent years trying to get rid of “Demons” without medication because of Mercy Ministries.  With medication, I have no, “Spirit of Suicide, Spirit, Anxious spirits or of self destruction or mutilation”.  Now that I have completely disassociated myself from them, I live a happy, somewhat normal, life without the fear of going to hell for saying what I think about them.


I am a Mercy Survivor!


I was greatly damaged by Mercy Ministries of America and so was my family.  My counselor at Mercy Ministries didn’t even have her bachelors in Psychology and used “recovered memory” therapy to plant false memories.  I was then encouraged to separate from my family and didn’t see them for almost 3 years due to the mind control I was under.  I’m still recovering from my time there…its been over 10 years now.


My daughter attended Mercy Ministries and has cut off all contact with our family and her friends.


We lost our daughter to this program.


These young women need and deserve real treatment, not what amounts to abuse.


My cousin’s life was ruined because of Mercy Ministries.


Our daughter got caught up in this too.  The counselor ruined her life.  At 22 she is suddenly on disability and 7 licensees ‘treat’ her.  She can no longer play piano, perform in recitals or work; she is too busy in P.T. with a specialist.  MERCY MINISTRIES IS A FRAUD!


My husband and I are both Christians and, as you can image, this greatly pains us to speak out against a “Christian” organization. However, after 12 years of dealing with Mercy Ministries, we have come to the understanding that they are not what they claim to be. We lost our daughter for 3 years because of this program. It’s taken her 12 long years of therapy to break free from Mercy Ministries mind control. We are in touch with parents who also have lost their daughters. Please help us stop this damaging program that disguises itself as “Christian.”


I spent a year at the now-defunct Sydney facility here in Australia, and since then I have come into contact with dozens of former Mercy clients in the US who have had the same and worse experiences as me.  This issue did not begin and end with the Australian homes as Nancy Alcorn would have you believe.  Those homes were the fruit of an ultimately very sick tree.

I am grieved every time I hear from another Mercy Survivor in the US, another person who has gone through additional and unnecessary suffering and trauma, and has been sold a pipe dream, deceived as to the nature of the program and services, then damned to hell when they do not produce the results that make Mercy look successful.

I strongly and passionately urge the Attorney Generals in each of the four US states in which Mercy Ministries operates to take the time to seriously look into this matter and respond appropriately.


I am signing to stop criminal and inhumane treatment of the mentally ill.

I was greatly damaged by Mercy Ministries of America and so was my family.  My counselor at Mercy Ministries didn’t even have her bachelors in Psychology and used “recovered memory” therapy to plant false memories.  I was then encouraged to separate from my family and didn’t see them for almost 3 years due to the mind control I was under.  I’m still recovering from my time there…its been over 10 years now.


I’ve seen the damage Mercy Ministries has done to friends of mine.  I don’t want to see it happen again.


Mental health consumers are being harmed by fraudulent therapy and misdirected away from appropriate treatments and therapies which would be of benefit to them. This type of psycho junk therapy that the Mercy Ministries Survivors have endured is harmful to the patients and must be stopped. I am a Canadian survivor of this psycho fraud. If I had been protected from this fraudulent junk therapy and received proper treatment instead I would have been spared years of mental and physical torture and recovered. No one ever recovers with or from this junk therapy; the junk therapy only adds injury to the illness.


I was at Mercy Ministries in 2010. They kicked me out of the program because I wasn’t moving through the program fast enough. They make girls and women believe it’s there only hope to get help or they will die. It has taken me 4 years to undo some of the damage they have caused me mentally and psychologically. I still have a long way to go but I am starting to realize I can make it. What this program does is miss leading and wrong. They claim to save young women, however, I know one young lady who died 7 months ago who graduated from there program who they claimed was healed. And another young lady who is fighting for her life. Please stop and ask your self would you want or let your daughter to go to a place like this. Mercy would be a good place if things changed in certain areas.


Bogus, non-science-based ‘treatment’ of distressed persons has done tremendous damage over the last two decades. Time to cease and desist… and learn what REALLY helps.


It has affected members of my family greatly.  They lost their daughter due to Mercy Ministries for a period of time and will never be the same.  Mercy Ministries is very destructive.


I went through similar things at Castlewood Treatment Center. My family was nearly destroyed.


It took me 9 years to come to terms with what happened to me at Mercy Ministries.  I am finally speaking up.  Signed and shared!


I lost my sister and best friend to Mercy Ministries. They were rude, demeaning, exclusive, and posted lies about my family on the internet. They plastered her photo on the site and a false testimony as a way for people to see how their donations helped her find the love of God. This place is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let’s bring them into the light. They’ve caused so much pain and are doing their best to cover it up.


Because a very dear friend of mine has been deprived of a relationship with her only daughter because of this “ministry” due to false allegations.


We know a family whose daughter was treated through Mercy Ministries, and it nearly destroyed their family and certainly created many more issues for this young woman.  While I strongly believe in the importance of the spiritual in each person’s life, mental illness very frequently has a chemical basis that needs to be treated.  Mercy Ministries seems to be uneducated in this in their assuming there is always and only a spiritual issue to the women’s problems.  This causes them to be unequipped to effectively treat these women.  Due to these women’s issues, they are vulnerable and can become trapped in the Mercy Ministries program without being able to escape and get the medical help they so desperately need.


I have lost my sister to Mercy Ministries.  She has completely disowned her family and has threatened a restraining order.


Dear friends had their lives ripped open and are just now healing and being restored to their daughter.


Why would this not be important to me? I have daughters and nieces.. I care about young people and do not want to see estranged families for no reason when loving families are what these young people need most. I do not want to see necessary medications being withheld. This organization need to be investigated. That is why.


My friend has left her family for several years now after receiving “treatment” at Mercy Ministries.


I went to mercy and left after 3 weeks of hell. I was told day after day that I wasn’t healing fast enough and wasn’t believing in God enough and that was why I had a mental illness.


I have friends who have been deeply hurt by Mercy Ministries.


I know a family that has been adversely affected by Mercy Ministries.

Sherry J

A beautiful young woman and turned against everything she knew because of “false” memories. It is evil and could not be of the Lord. God does not divide families but brings healing.


We have friends who’s daughter entered Mercy Ministry for treatment at the same time as our daughter went another more professional route for an eating disorder. Our daughter is on her way to full health and loves us more than ever before while they have not seen there daughter for years. My heart breaks for them!! I truly believe that Mercy Ministries is causing damage…much damage. Please, at the very least, do due diligence and listen to those impacted.


This issue is hurting good friends of mine…


This issue has touched the lives of some good friends of ours. I don’t want any more families to go through what they did.To read more please visit the petition here.

Written By Pretty Pink Koolaid