Why are people who speak out about Mercy Ministries called bitter?

This piece by Mercy Survivor Chelsea was originally published on her personal blog and can be viewed here.

It’s called marginalizing.

Marginalize – To treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant 

Survivors are marginalized when people are all too willing to accept the claims made by abusers and their supporters that the individual claiming the abuse is “crazy” or “resentful” and should be ignored.  This disregards the claims of a survivor and communicates a lack of significance for the survivor group.  The less significant the survivor group is, the more likely people are to believe the abuser and ignore the claims made.

I am not bitter.  I am not resentful.  Stop marginalizing me.  I am significant, my voice does matter, and my claims will not be tossed aside, because it’s easier for you to believe the abuser.

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Written By Chelsea