Petition and appeal to government for Mercy Ministries’ accountability

There is much to be said of Mercy Ministries, and much to appeal to the American government and public about.  Mercy Ministries denies it all of course.  They continue to distance their brand from the former Australian homes (which they have since re-labelled an “affiliate”) and attempted to lay the blame on the insidious issues that actually originated at the US homes and continue with the homes today.  I have said, and will say again, that the issues that come out of Mercy Ministries is not a matter of “one bad apple”, but rather, a “sick tree”.

Please join us in appealing to those in US government positions who have the power to act.  They have the power to increase accountability for Mercy Ministries and programs like it which continue to go unregulated, at a very dear cost of their clients and clients families.

Petition to the Attorney General

Please click here to sign the petition calling upon the Attorney General to regulate homes like Mercy Ministries where exorcism, recovered memory therapy and conversion therapy are par for the course (and well documented) behind closed doors.  Please also share with your friends.

Video appeal to Governer Haslam

Please view and share this video which further highlights the issue of how Mercy Ministries’ treatment of vulnerable young women flies under the radar due to Mercy’s not being recipients of government funding.  As noble as this sounds, it seems the clients and their families are left with the cost of the damage because of the nature of treatment Mercy Ministries is able to provide without any form of oversight, accountability or regulation.  This has to stop.

Written By Mercy Survivors

Support for survivors of Mercy Ministries

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