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You may have noticed a rad new feature of our website.  Yep, the rumours are true.  We have replaced the “Our Stories” page with “Meet Our Contributors“.  This new page introduces you to past, present and soon-to-be contributors to our site.

Traditionally, this has been limited strictly to former residents only, adding to the dozens of re-published articles from various media sources around the world.  But given the reality of our reach and extent of contact with many others affected by Mercy Ministries, we wanted to broaden our contributor base to allow other voices to be heard.


On this groovy new page, you can see a snapshot of our contributor profiles, which helps to dispel the idea that we are nameless, faceless, demonic robots vying for world domination.

But no, seriously, we are routinely profiled as the bitter twisted ‘ole victims by Mercy and minions.  (Check out some of the fan mail/comments on this site, it’s a scream).  So we hope that sharing a little background on some of the individuals that form our network and will bear evidence that we are in fact real humanoids.

Family and friends

There are also many others who have been harmed by Mercy Ministries who have come into contact with us over the years.  There are family members and close friends of survivors who have been impacted by Mercy’s effects on their loved one.

For many, this has meant estrangement following Mercy’s wack brand of “professional counselling” which have evidently lead many young women to recover false memories of horrendous abuse at the hands of their families.  But don’t take my word for it.  Read the news articles, interviews and first-hand accounts that abound on the net.

After several years of contact, we have invited some of them to contribute their stories to our website.  We hope that this helps other young women and their families make informed decisions about their treatment options to help them avoid experiencing the pain of lies, estrangement and shattered relationships with trust that may never be repaired.  Their stories are among the most devastating that I have personally come across in my years of involvement with Mercy Survivors.

Former staff

Finally (trumpets please) we have also invited a former staff member to contribute.  We hope her courage in sharing reaches out to current staff who are feeling conflicted, and encourages former staff to reflect honestly on their time spent working for Mercy Ministries.

Feature contributors

This is a vague and tentative concept at this stage, but we hope to invite friends of the network to contribute.  Among these friends are people who have spent months or years blogging about Mercy and have been instrumental in giving survivors a voice, making it possible for us to have a real and lasting impact.

More details on this will be available soon, so watch this space!

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3 Comments on “More than survivors

  1. Debra groth

    January 13, 2016 at 3:53

    Yes i was a college student in monroe la when a frien of mine spent time at covenant minestries they read mail i sent to her never gave it to her accused me of throwing rocks at house and running (i cant run due to a spinal cord injury) also accused me of putting drugs in her belonging whech i didnt do it hurt me horribly but yet nancy alcorn called to ask me for money. To get my friend out of jail.i can believe everything these girls say been there got the t ? debra groth mobile al 251-648-3242

  2. Bethany

    April 23, 2016 at 8:09

    Have any staff come forward? I would love to have this organized out and if there’s any staff stories that would be so helpful.

    • Mercy Survivors

      April 26, 2016 at 5:21

      Hi Bethany.
      One staff member has come forward in an article in Slate that came out yesterday. It was one of the former counselors who is now a private psychologist.

      Another staff member, one from the UK, has a blog on Tumblr, and we have replicated its content on this website with her permission.

      There are a few others that I know of, but they prefer their privacy…

      Hope this helps 🙂

      MS Team (Sarah)

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