Mercy Multiplied’s disregard of their clients’ medical issues

This piece by Mercy Survivor Alicia was originally published on her blog “Beyond Silence: My Mercy Journey” and can be viewed here.

When I signed up for Mercy Multiplied, I wish I would of had an insider’s story of life there.  Hearing the success stories influenced my decision to go there.  When I go there, life was different then every description I ever read about Mercy Multiplied.

While they stated that they were not a medical facility, many girls were accepted into their program with medical problems.  Before they came to Mercy Multiplied (myself) and others I’m sure were promised access to medical care if one girl needed it.  Some of us were even told we could see outside doctors, fill our prescriptions at home and have them mailed to us, and there would be qualified medical supervisor over our care.

When I got to Mercy Multiplied, I quickly found out how seriously Mercy Multiplied took medical issues to be.  If a girl had a medical issue it wasn’t like she could just be taken to a hospital to get treatment right away.  During my first week at Mercy Multiplied, I had accidentally had some soy sauce.  I remember having a terrible asthma attack, I couldn’t breathe or sleep.  I remember telling one of the weekend staff I needed them to take me to see a doctor.  I was treated like  hypochondriac and told that I was just trying to leave.

I remember asking for my ID, I had an aunt that lived close to the St Louis house I was in.  She would have been more than willing to come take me to get medical treatment.  They had me sit in a down stairs office until my breathing was under control.

When I finally got settled in my bed which took hours.  I had kept waking up choking.  I had the hardest time to breathe.  The next day, I wanted to lay down so many times but instead I got extra chores for keeping the weekend staff awake.  It made me angry that they disregarded my health issues and thought I was faking my symptoms.

This was one of many health crisis’ that took place during my time at Mercy Multiplied.  It was one that really made me see red flags about the place.

Written By Mercy Survivors

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