This page contains links to information and services personally recommended by Mercy survivors for those seeking help for themselves or their loved ones.

For Mercy Survivors or those with similar experiences…

There are many great resources out there for those recovering from spiritually abusive experiences. A list of helpful books can be found here.

One book on that list called “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse” is highly recommended by a Mercy survivor.  Whether or not you are a Christian, it is a helpful resource that will help you separate what might be asserted as “Christian principles” from true biblical context and meaning, and will equip you with a full and balanced understanding of what spiritual abuse looks like in a Christian (or “Christian”) environment, validating your experience and helping you find freedom from oppressive dynamics.

Steven Hassan’s Freedom of Mind Resource Center has some great information and resources which several Mercy survivors have found tremendously helpful. One page that you may identify with is the BITE model for destructive mind control.

Another great resource is the Ross Institute (formerly Rick Ross Institute). In addition to their website, they also sponsor Cult Education.  Like Freedom of Mind Institute, both of these websites have great information and thorough resources lists.  The Ross Institute website also features discussion forums where Mercy Multiplied has been discussed previously.

An Australian organisation called Cult Information & Family Support (CIFS) have also provided support to Mercy survivors and affected loved ones, both in Australia and abroad.

These are just a few of many great resources to assist you in processing and moving on from your experience at Mercy Multiplied.

Lastly, for more specialised and intensive help in overcoming your experience (in the United States), Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center offers therapy, education and retreat in the areas of spiritual, mental and emotional abuse, therapy abuse and traumatic experiences, and is highly recommended by a Mercy Survivor.

For those considering or applying for Mercy Multiplied…

Whilst we do not seek to take over any young woman’s decision making capacity, we do encourage potential Mercy Multiplied residents to fully consider and critically evaluate all information available about Mercy Multiplied before placing themselves in Mercy’s care. Many media articles, blogs and other first-hand stories highlight a discrepancy between who Mercy Multiplied portray themselves to be and what former resident’s report about the organisation and the program.  With this in mind, we encourage you to seek out a wide range of material available on the subject of Mercy Multiplied, especially first-hand experiences, when deciding whether Mercy Multiplied is for you.

Presuming you are seeking help to overcome a life-controlling issue, it may be of interest to scroll down to the list of services and resources personally recommended by Mercy Survivors.

For those needing help with life controlling issues…

Despite what many young women have been told by Mercy Multiplied, there IS hope for you beyond the four walls of a Mercy Multiplied home, whatever it is you may struggle with.

Firstly, if you are at all feeling at risk of suicide or self-harm, please contact your local mental health team or emergency number immediately.


Although the Mercy Multiplied homes in Australia have since closed, the needs of troubled young Australian women continue to exist. Accordingly, the following services are personally recommended by Mercy survivors:

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United States

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New Zealand

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United Kingdom

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For those who have loved ones applying to go to Mercy Multiplied, or who are currently in the program

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