In the news…

Mercy Multiplied (formerly Mercy Ministries) has received significant media coverage over the years.

In March 2008, a series of articles were published in Australia, making waves around the world, exposing Mercy Multiplied as an abusive organisation.  This resulted in an investigation by a government body into conduct of directors and the withdrawal of sponsorship by a number of high profile partners.  Ultimately, both Australian homes closed down, leaving the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand homes remaining.

The US homes in particular (and to a lesser extent, the UK home) did not escape controversy.  Although Nancy Alcorn distanced herself from the Australian operations which she once associated herself with so publicly, it became clear that the US homes where Mercy had been established the longest and in the most locations were not without their own controversies.  Some were strikingly similar to those that plagued the Australian homes, and some were even worse.

Articles have appeared in a myriad of publications over the past eight years raising issues of medical negligence, inconsistent and refuted claims of licensed facilities and qualified staff, and tragically, numerous claims of false memory therapy resulting in allegations of shocking abuse and shattered family units.

The most article published in Slate in April 2016 goes into much depth on many of the current problems that define Mercy Multiplied at the most fundamental level.

Below is a list of publications and journalists from where we drew our collection of news pieces available on this website.  Please note that some media agencies or journalists below produced multiple pieces, and also note that the lists below are by no means a comprehensive listing of all media coverage received by Mercy Multiplied in their 33 year history, but rather, the pieces that are pertinent and relevant to our site.


  • Slate (Jennifer Miller)
  • Patheos (Warren Throckmorton)
  • Lincoln News Messenger (Carol Feineman, Stephanie Dumm, Russ Judson)
  • The Nashville Scene (Caleb Hannan)
  • The City Paper, The Nashville Paper, The City Paper Nashville (E. Thomas Wood)
  •  RH Reality Check (Lisa Kerr)
  • The Tennessean (Bob Smietana)
  • Dysgenics (Beth)
  • MTV Voices (Chelsea) 


  • The Sydney Morning Herald (Ruth Pollard, Tanya Levin)
  •  The Age (Barney Zwartz)
  • ABC News (Jo Skinner)
  • ABC, ABC Radio (Mark Colvin, Meredith Griffiths)
  • Live News Australia (Tim Brunero)
  • Herald Sun
  • Today Tonight
  • Perth Voice Australia (Allan Fyfe)
  • Bendigo Advertiser
  • Sunshine Coast daily (Anne-Louise Brown, Toby Walker)
  • Triple J, Sunday Night Safran (John Safran, Father Bob McGuire)
  • The Freethinker
  • 6 Minutes (Jared Reed)
  • G’Day World Podcast, No Illusions Podcast (Cameron Reilly)
  • Queer News
  • CathNews
  • Inside Retailing Online