Former staff

Over the years, we have seen staff members share their insights about the inner workings of Mercy Ministries.  Some have been on various comment boards and review sites, others have made comments on our website, and a handful have been in direct contact with our network.  (Check out this piece about staff insights shared in public forums).

The position of conflicted staff is a delicate one.  In most respects, they are subject to the same dynamics as residents, but in a workplace rather than client context.

After some time of blogging about her experiences as a staff member, former Mercy Ministries staff member Sian has agreed for her content to be shared on the Mercy Survivors website.  We hope that her insights help visitors to Mercy Survivors gain further understanding of how and why ordinary, often well-meaning people can be drawn into abusive systems, and we hope her bravery inspires other former staff to speak out.


SianSian first became involved with Mercy Ministries UK in 2007 as an intern.  In late 2008, she was promoted to the role of Support Worker – a role she held until early 2009, when she chose to resign.

To date, Sian has shared her insights into Mercy Ministries’ staff and organisational culture as one of a minority of suitably-qualified employees on her personal blog, Wide Awake….