Friends of Mercy Survivors


Kate avatarKate has been a friend of the Mercy Survivors network for several years.

Once a Mercy Ministries applicant herself, Kate was also heavily involved with Restoring the Foundations, a ministry with strong historical and current ties to Mercy Ministries.  Over the years, Restoring the Foundations have provided Mercy Ministries with its counselling model (which, prior to it being renamed Choices That Bring Change, was also called Restoring The Foundations).  Many of Mercy Ministries staff also undertake training through Restoring The Foundations in counselling and “spiritual warfare”.

Kate’s in-house experience of the oppressive cultic dynamics at Restoring The Foundations, her involvement with Restoring The Foundation’s prominent leaders and proponents, and the effects of their theophostic prayer model which Mercy Ministries calls “counselling” will provide you with a valuable insight into the Mercy Ministries experience – most notably in the areas of demonic deliverance and recovery of false memories.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys making stained glass, hiking, and exploring historic sites.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” ~ Leo Tolstoy